Where to Eat in Santa Fe: The Shed

by | Mar 2, 2019 | Destinations, United States

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A lot of places you travel to, you have no idea what to do or, more importantly, where to eat. You end up relying on travel apps, word-of-mouth, or even super-helpful websites such as this one! Obvious self-promotion aside, travel apps are fine and all, but we typically like to experience new places either on our own, or based on recommendations of people that we know and trust.

That’s how we ended up at The Shed in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Where to Eat in Santa Fe: The Shed


Where to Eat in Santa Fe: Avoiding Temptation

On this journey, Tiffany and I have made a concerted effort not to eat out as often as we’d like, for two reasons: 1. We’d go broke in a heartbeat; and 2. We’d both outgrow all of our clothes. That’s why this blog isn’t titled “John and Tiffany’s Smorgasbord of Gluttony,” as much as we’d like it to be. 

So, we’ve decided to only eat out if one of our friends says we “absolutely have to” go to a certain place, or if we accidentally run out of food in the van and have no other options (this did happen one night.) This will hopefully save us from the poorhouse and from falling into horrible eating habits. 

With that in mind, one of our best friends back in Montana has family in Santa Fe and she told us that we “absolutely had to” eat at The Shed while in town. So, we did what any good food-loving people would do: we took her recommendation and never looked back.

Where to Eat in Santa Fe: Finding The Shed

 Where to eat in Santa Fe: The Shed

Downtown Santa Fe is certainly unique. All of the buildings are built from adobe and look uniform in appearance. It gives the city a definite southwestern vibe. In the heart of Santa Fe lies the Plaza, a wooded park roughly a block in size. Shops, restaurants, and hotels surround the Plaza, with roads extending from the square full of more of the same.

Just east of the Plaza, The Shed sits on E. Palace Ave., in a hacienda built in 1692. Since 1953, diners have enjoyed satisfying Mexican-inspired dishes, along with New Mexico’s signature red and green chiles. Finding The Shed is pretty easy: just find the square and then walk down E. Palace Ave. about half a block. Watch out for the Shed sign above (the sidewalk is covered) and then enter the restaurant through the centuries-old patio.

Where to Eat in Santa Fe: Food and Drink

The Shed’s menu is decidedly New Mexican. Sure, there are salads and burgers, but the majority of its offerings revolve around enchiladas, burritos, and tacos. On our visit, we received a lunch specials menu, which featured even more excellent choices—including tamales, my personal favorite. 

We started the meal with a couple of margaritas (naturally) and a basket of chips with house-made salsa, guacamole, and queso. They called it the trio, and it covered all of our bases. Tiff and I both enjoyed the guac and queso the most, although the salsa was still fresh with a bit of a kick. 

For our entrees, Tiff decided on the enchilada and taco plate. Both the enchilada and taco came in blue-corn tortillas, covered in cheese and red chiles. Pinto beans and posole (hominy, essentially) rounded out the meal. I opted for the tamales, of course. Full of masa and shredded beef, they were steamed to perfection. Tiff’s not usually a fan of tamales, but she absolutely loved these, which means they were pretty danged good. I agree.

 Where to Eat in Santa Fe: Additional Info

The Shed is open for lunch and dinner six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Lunch is 11:00-2:30, and dinner runs from 5:00-9:00. Reservations are recommended for dinner, and they don’t take them for lunch. Call 505-982-9030 for reservations. Visit them online at sfshed.com

Where to Eat in Santa Fe: The Shed

We’re Tiffany and John, a couple of childfree, DIY travel enthusiasts from Montana and we just can’t get enough of life on the open road.

If you’re anything like us, then you feel the same way! We love exploring new places together and finding unique things to do everywhere we go.

Read more about our story here.

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